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    Crosslinking agents

    Fixapret® COC
    Fixapret CPN-S
    Fixapret F-AP
    Fixapret F-CL
    Fixapret F-ECO
    Fixapret FE-208
    Fixapret CD-281
    Kaurit® FE-228


    Condensol® FB
    Condensol F-M

    Additives, smoothing agents and softeners

    Perapret® F-PEB
    Perapret HVN
    Siligen FE-227
    Siligen CD-264

    Filling and stiffening agents

    Perapret FE-236
    Perapret FE-VA

    Binder and auxiliaries for pigment dyeing

    Helizarin Binder FE-FWT (New 3)
    Siligen FA-S
    Vitexol® PFA

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