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Product for DYEING

Expert solutions for vibrant colors

Archroma is a recognized global leader in color and performance solutions for textiles. Brand owners, product manufacturers, designers and fiber processors around the world rely on Archroma Textiles Specialties to help enhance the market appeal or the end-use performance in different market segments.

We deliver:

  • Comprehensive colorant portfolio with more than 600 dyes and pigments

  • More than 10,000 color matches completed each year

  • In-depth market knowledge and expertise

  • Leader in regulation and standards compliance

  • Solutions towards more sustainable products

  • 9 dyes and pigments manufacturing sites around the world

  • In-depth technical application background

  • Global and regional service support

Tailor-made solutions for dyeing all fibers and blends

Archroma is a recognized leader in integrated solutions for dyeing.

Our portfolio is comprised of products designed to answer the specific dyeing requirements of all types of cellulosic, synthetic, wool and silk fibers.

Our experts provide customers - wherever they are – with technical support for the application and processing of acid, metal complex dyes, disperse, reactive, direct and sulfur dyes.

In addition, thanks to our wide range of dyeing auxiliaries, Archroma offers optimum solutions for textile dyeing ensuring a well-controlled dyeing processing across a broad range of textile processes and applications.

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Dyes for polyamide, wool and silk

Nylosan® E

Metal-free acid leveling dyestuffs with medium wet fastness level and very good coverage of barriness. Very high light fastness, therefore used in the carpet industry and for home textiles.


Metal-free acid dyestuff range with high leveling power and high wet fastness. Good coverage of barriness. Perfect combinability and strong build up. Also suitable for dyeing wool in combination with Optilan® MF dyes.


Metal-free acid dyestuff range with the highest wet fastness level in the market. The dyes show very good combinability without blocking and a strong build-up. Easy, short and reliable dyeing processes in combination with Opticid® VAN liq or Opticid® VS liq c.


Metal-free, brilliant acid dyestuff range with high wet fastness level but limited combinability. These dyes are possible shading elements for the Nylosan®S and Lanasyn®M dyestuff ranges.


1:2 metal complex dyestuff range. Shows very high wet and light fastness levels. Possible shading elements for the Nylosan® S dyestuffs.

Optilan® MF

Metal-free acid dyestuffs for wool that are readily combinable. They are especially recommended for yarn and piece dyeing of 100% wool, as well as silk fibers. Optilan® MF dyes exhibit good root-tip partition and are very suitable for dyeing long-haired wool such as alpaca, cashmere, mohair or angora.

Dyes for polyester

Foron® E

Disperse dyestuffs that are distinguished by their high migration power and very good coverage of material differences. 


Disperse dyestuffs with high sublimation fastness.

Foron® RD

The original rapid disperse dyeing range for polyester fibers.

Foron® S-WF

A complete range of high-sublimation fast disperses dyestuffs with excellent wet fastness properties even after post-setting. Foron S-WF dyes are suitable for yarn and piece dyeing by the exhaustion process as well as for continuous dyeing and printing.

Foron® SE-WF

Foron® SE-WF dyes are particularly suitable for dyeing 100% polyester and

polyester/elastane fabric blends by the exhaustion process.

Foron® AS

Disperse dyes which are especially suitable for the dyeing of automotive and home textiles.

Dyes for cationic dyeable polyester, polyamide, and aramid


A compact range of cationic dyes suitable for application on CDP, CDPA and Aramid fibers. The dyes are particularly suitable for the production of high wet fast color-blocked or contrast effects on CDP/PES and CDP/Elastane blends for sportswear and activewear.

dye blue.jpg
dye magenta.jpg

Dyes for cellulose -reactive & direct dyes

Drimaren® HF

Highest reproducibility from pale to dark shades with very high level of fixation and excellent washing off.

Drimaren® HF-CD

Very low tailing tendency, photochromic free and high light fastness range with excellent fastness performance.

Drimaren® K

Drimaren® K dyes are classified as warm dyeing reactive dyes recommended for all exhaust and continuous dyeing procedures.

Drimaren® X/XN

Drimaren®X/XN dyes are classified as hot dyeing reactive dyes and are distinguished by unequalled penetration and level dyeing behavior due to their high migration potential. 

Drimaren® CL

Very good washing off and wet fastness properties.


A range of metal free and metal complex (for high light fastness) direct dyes, which are suitable for dyeing cellulose and its blends. 

Dyes for cellulose - special dyes

Diresul® RDT

Pre-reduced sulfur dyes with minimal sulfide content. 

Optisul® C

Sulfide free solubilized sulfur dyes in liquid form. Especially suitable for obtaining elegant distress looks by simple and ecological Pad-Dry application.


A newly developed pre-reduced indigo solution for easy handling in yarn dyeing of denim with reduced dyebath chemical consumption.

Dyeing Auxiliaries

Above and beyond the call of duty

Archroma’s range of dyeing auxiliaries provides highest process safety and optimized right-first-time performance. Archroma’s dyeing auxiliaries help improve quality and reduce process costs on all kinds of textile substrates and dyeing machines, with all classes of dyestuffs. Archroma constantly introduces innovations in dyeing auxiliaries in order to answer the demands of our customers and anticipate their future needs, as well as the evolution of the textile industry. Archroma’s  dyeing auxiliaries help customers reach the highest quality, whilst providing maximum process safety, right-first-time performance, controlled process costs whilst ensuring that production exceed brand, retailer and legislative sustainability requirements with responsible product stewardship.

Wetting/de-aerating agents


Universal wetting and de-aerating agent for continuous and discontinuous dyeing of cellulosic and synthetic fibers and their blends.


Wetting agent for continuous and discontinuous dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends with synthetic fibers.


Sequestering agent


Non-foaming sequestering agent and protective colloid with dispersing properties for dyeing of all fibers, particularly cellulose, polyester and their blends.

Defoaming agents


Defoamer for various textile process applications.

Crease inhibitors


Lubricants – Crease inhibitors. Reduce the fiber friction in order to prevent crease marks in exhaust processes.


Reserving agents


Fiber reactive agents that change the affinity of the polyamide and wool fibers used in a variety of special effect such as reserving effect, differential dyeing for blends, anti-staining, contrast dyeings.


Dispersing agents


Highly effective dispersing agent for dyeing polyester fibers and their blends.




Universal dispersing agent and protective colloid for dyestuffs.


Dyestuff protecting agents


Protecting agent for dyes sensitive to reduction.


Auxiliaries for sulfur dyeing

Reducing agent

Ecological reducers for soluble sulfur dyes.



Performance improving agents for sulfur dyes.

Fixing agents


Fixatives for dyeings and prints on cellulosic, polyamide and wool fibers by exhaust and continuous methods.



Fixatives to improve the wet fastness properties of dyeings and prints on polyamide and its blends. Reserves polyamide against direct and metal-complex dyes.


Leveling agents


Leveling agent for VAT dyeing of cellulosic fibers under exhaust and continuous conditions.


Leveling agent for dyeing cellulosic fibers with reactive dyes.


Leveling agent for exhaust and continuous dyeing of polyamide and wool fibers and their blends with acid and metal complex dyes.



Leveling agent with dispersing properties for disperse dyes.



Retarding agent for cationic dyes.

Fabric appearance improver


Specialized products to prevent dye migration during the intermediate drying in continuous dyeing processes. As well as products improving the surface levelness and appearance of cellulosic woven fabrics.




pH regulators for improving levelness, reproducibility and reducing dyeing time for dyeing polyamide, wool, polyester and their blends with acid or metal complex dyes or disperse dyes respectively.

Washing-off agents


Washing-off agents for cellulosic fabrics which have been dyed or printed with reactive dyes.



Range of washing off and reduction clearing agents for cellulosic and polyester fibers and it blends.


Lightfastness improver


UV absorbers for improving the light fastness of dyeing on polyester for exhaust and continuous application. Protection against the detrimental effect of light and oxidation on polyamide.

UV protection agents


UV absorbers for cellulosic, polyester and polyamide fabrics. Suitable for application by exhaust and continuous methods.


Reducing agent


A special range of temperature and time stable reducing agents.


Wool care agents


Special range for wool care. Preventing yellowing and photo-bleaching of the wool. Improving light fastness and resistance of the wool.

Diffusion accelerator


Diffusion accelerator for dyeing polyester and blends at temperature below 130oC. Prevents staining of wool by disperse dyes. Improves migration and accelerates diffusion.


Multifunctional products


A special range of multiple function product: agents with washing and scouring properties for all kinds of natural and synthetic fibers, particularly in blends with elastane fibers or multipurpose dye bath conditioner, lubricant with wetting, leveling, softening and emulsifying properties.


Washing, dispersing, emulsifying and reduction clearing agent.



Multifunction, leveling and stripping agent for dyeing and printing of cellulosic fibers.

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