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Product for WEAVING


Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. The longitudinal threads are called the warp and the lateral threads are the weft or filling, the method in which these threads are inter-woven affects the characteristics of the cloth.

Filament & Staple Fiber

Reduction friction

“Friction” is one of the main physical phenomena that must be considered in spin finish applications to guarantee a trouble-free production. In addition to electrostatic charge, boundary lubrication, wetting and thermal stability are essential properties for spin finish products as well.

Archroma’s spin finish product, our Afilan® and Leomin® range, consider these specific parameters according to the different manufacturing processes in the textile industry to ensure a high quality level of yarn production and to offer an economic manufacturing process for our customers.

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Range of spin finish products designed to achieve high lubricity, boundary lubrication, static protection, and permanent surface modification.



Range of softeners, lubricants and antistatic agents especially suited for use in fiber manufacturing and processing.


Flexibility on demand

Neither classical weaving nor modern high speed weaving can be carried out without sizing agents. These adheres the individual fibers in the yarn to each other and form a protective film on the fiber surface, which enables the yarn to survive the extreme mechanical stress during weaving without damage.

Archroma supplies sizing products and processes that meet all requirements of modern weaving technology. This includes more ecological and economical products for all types of looms and size recovery technologies.


Arkofil® CMC

Sizing agent for cotton, rayon staple and a variety of polyester/cotton blends; for warp size impregnation and dyeing; special sizing agent for corduroy.


Polyvinyl alcohol and copolymers


Sizing agent with high adhesive power based on polyvinyl alcohol; for spun yarns made of cotton, viscose staple, wool, linen, synthetic fibers and their blends.



Sizing agent with high adhesive power based on polyacrylate; for spun yarns made of cotton, viscose staple, wool, linen, synthetic fibers and their blends.


Starch and compounds


Sizing agents based on starch or optimized blends of ingredient; one shot products, for spun yarns and all kind of their blends.




Sizing auxiliaries to increase flexibility and smoothness of the sized yarn, as sizing agent or after-wax.

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