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    Chemdyes Sdn. Bhd.: 38024-T (formerly known as BASF Chemdyes Sdn. Bhd.) was incorporated in the year 1978 and has established via joint venture with BASF as one of the top textile auxiliaries company in Malaysia specialising in textile chemicals for weaving, pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, optical brighteners, inject printing and textile coating.


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    Chemdyes  Sdn. Bhd.: 38024-T   (formerly  known  as  BASF Chemdyes Sdn. Bhd.)  was  incorporated  in 1978  as  a joint venture with BASF AG. Chemdyes Sdn.Bhd. has established itself as one of the top textile auxiliaries company in Malaysia specialising in textile chemicals for  weaving,  pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, optical brighteners, inject  printing and textile coating.

    In 2015, Archroma  Management LLC,  Reinach  Switzerland

    completed   the   acquisition   of   BASF    textile   chemicals  business  and  Chemdyes  Sdn. Bhd  became the Malaysian distributor  for  Archroma.  Archroma  is  a  global   leader  in specialty  chemicals  for  the  textile,  paper  and   emulsions sectors  and  is  a  portfolio  company  of  US- based  private investment firm SK Capital Partners.

    With a client base of over 80, Chemdyes clients’ list includes

    the top textile and garment  manufacturers  in  Malaysia  and Singapore.  We   offer  a   broad   range   of   quality   textile 

    chemicals and  textile  printing  pigments  for  use  in  sizing,

    pretreatment,  dyeing,   finishing,   optical   brightening   and printing operations.

    We  also  manufacture   custom   made   chemicals   for   our regional  customers  in  Bangladesh, Hong Hong, Indonesia, Mauritius,  Sri Lanka  and  Vietnam.  Chemdyes   is  currently working   with   a  leading   global  company  specializing  in waste water treatment on a range of products for this region.

    Chemdyes is a  one-hectare  manufacturing  plant located in the  Prai   Industrial   Park,  Penang   and  has  a  production capacity of >500 tonnes.



    Tailor-made products for customer

    Toll manufacturing products

     e.g. softener, surfactant, cleaning chemicals.


    of various industrial chemicals, surfactant and general chemicals.



    Chemdyes Sdn Bhd

    (formerly known as BASF Chemdyes Sdn Bhd)

    Head Office

    Lot 254 Lorong Perusahaan 10 Kawasan Perindustrian Perai, 13600 Perai, Penang, Malaysia.


    Tel: +604-3908 488

    Fax: +604-3996 436

    Customer Service

    Ms. Irene Lee

    Tel: +604-3908 488 ext 113

    Ms. Jessie Tan

    Tel: +604-3908 488 ext 111

    Lab Chemist

    Ms. Boo Poay Hoon

    Tel:  +604-3908 488 ext 107

    Managing Director

    Mr. Joe Sidek

    Sales Enquiry:

    Tel: +604-3908 488 ext 101

    Fax: +6016-4173 456

    Sales and Technical Inquiry

    Mr. Abu Younus (CEO)

    Tel: +604-3908 488 ext 108

    Hp: +6016-4179 633

    Sales and Marketing Inquiry

    Mr. David Tan

    Tel: +604-3908 488 ext 116

    Fax: +6016-4178 116

    Accounts Department

    Ms. S. H. Heng

    Tel:  +604-3908 488 ext 102

    Get a quote: +04 3908 488
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