Heritage of performance

Pretreatment and optical brightening have always been a core competences at Archroma and our previous heritage. Our stablish presence worldwide and strong relationships with machine manufacturers keep us in tune with the latest market's needs.

We believe that a textile treatment process must be simple, robust and highly reliable. Our expertise is focused on the development of products that are easy to use and deliver a right-first-time result irrespective of the initial conditions.

We provide sustainable products that do not harm the environment whilst maintaining their efficacy and cost effectiveness. With Archroma's pretreatment solutions, your fiber is clean and ready for the next steps in the process, irrespective of the machine or type of fiber used. With Archroma's optical brighteners, you get the whiteness and the shade that you need, with high fastness levels.


Preparation for peace of mind

An old saying states that “well prepared is half dyed”. Pretreatment is indeed a key step in textile production. The diversity of fibers and quality variations are major challenges to consistently obtain a perfectly prepared fabric, ready for the next processing steps.

Based on decades of experience, a worldwide presence and strong relations with machine manufacturers, Archroma is in the position to provide robust pretreatment processes for every kind of fibers and their blends, optimized for your specific set-up.

You can rely on the performance of our products and processes as at Archroma, we believe that efficiency can work hand in hand with sustainability and therefore, our pretreatment range complies with the most demanding ecological labels and legislation.

Wetting agents / detergent combinations

Basopal® NA Liquid
Kieralon® C
Kieralon FE-184
Kieralon F-LVB
Nekanil® FE-106
Nekanil FE-LN

Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching

Prestogen® K

Complexing agent

Trilon® TB Liquid



Our enzymes for starch removal, peroxide removal, bio-polish, bio-washing, denim washing.


Non-ionic and anionic surfactants with wetting and detergent properties optimized for continuous applications.


Non-ionic and anionic surfactants with wetting and detergent properties optimized for discontinuous (exhaust) applications.



Mercerizing auxiliaries with low-foaming properties, improving drastically the mercerizing effect.

Sirrix® & Lufibrol®

Complete range of high performance sequestering agents (calcium, iron, copper, etc.), neutralizing agents and anti-corrosion auxiliaries.



Peroxide stabilizers adapted to the different process conditions and performance requirements.

Reductive bleaching agents


Stabilized hydrosulfites suitable for reductive bleaching processes of textiles made of wool, polyamide, cotton, linen, hemp, flax, jute and similar fibers.

Performance improvement


Performance improvement in enzyme treatments and bleaching with the use of advanced polymer technology.

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