Product for PRINTING

Oxidizing agent

Ludigol S Liquid

Emulsifier for pigment printing

Luprintol® FE-1-S
Luprintol PE New

Binders for pigment printing

Helizarin® Binder AP ECO
Helizarin Binder TOW

Product for quality improvement and handle modification

Luprimol® SIG

Crosslinking agents for pigment printing

Helizarin Fixing Agent FE-S
Helizarin Fixing Agent LF

Reducing agents for pigment discharge printing

Rongalit® ST Liquid

Reducing agent for direct and discharge printing
on cellulosic fibers

Rongalit C

Rheology regulator

Lutexal® HVW-S

Synthetic thickening agent for pigment printing

Lutexal GP ECO

Washing-off agents for textile printing

Albigen A
Setamol FE-506
Setamol WS
Trilon TB Liquid
Uniperol EL-S

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