Product for PRINTING

The preferred choice for printing

The recently increased portfolio of printing pigment preparations and auxiliaries, combined with a great selection of dyes, places Archroma in the position to offer complete printing solutions to obtain vibrant colors on most fields of textile printing applications.

With the latest innovations introduced in printing product and textile processing combined with its expertise in colors and effects and its strong commitment to economic and ecological reliability, Archroma strives to be the preferred partner for printing with its focus on customer needs, quality, sustainability and performance.

Oxidizing agent

Ludigol S Liquid

Emulsifier for pigment printing

Luprintol® FE-1-S
Luprintol PE New

Binders for pigment printing

Helizarin® Binder AP ECO
Helizarin Binder TOW

Product for quality improvement and handle modification

Luprimol® SIG

Crosslinking agents for pigment printing

Helizarin Fixing Agent FE-S
Helizarin Fixing Agent LF


Reducing agents for pigment discharge printing

Rongalit® ST Liquid

Reducing agent for direct and discharge printing
on cellulosic fibers

Rongalit C

Rheology regulator

Lutexal® HVW-S

Synthetic thickening agent for pigment printing

Lutexal GP ECO

Washing-off agents for textile printing

Albigen A
Setamol FE-506
Setamol WS
Trilon TB Liquid
Uniperol EL-S

Pigment preparations and auxiliaries for printing


Water-based pigment preparation of highest quality, good fastness and great ecological profile. Together with Helizarin® Binders, Lutexal® thickeners and Luprintol® auxiliaries, high quality prints can be achieved.

bnw print.jpg

Dyes and auxiliaries for printing

Drimaren® PS

For printing on cellulosic fibers. MCT reactive dyes for areproducible process and very good wash fastness. Ecologically sound products with brilliant shades to enable great color variety and performance. Dusting free form for easier dosing and its high solubility avoid wasting time in pre-dilution. Salt-free formulation for reduced loss of viscosity and better washing off.

Nylosan® / Lanasyn®

More than 30 shades of acid and metal-complex dyes for printing on polyamide. Metal-free* and high performance.


Disperse dyes especially selected for printing on polyester. Suitable for all applications whatever the requirements standards: from automotive outdoor textiles, to home textiles and apparel.

Special auxiliaries


Auxiliaries special developed for printing with reactive, disperse and acid dyes.


Complete range of products for discharge and reserve printing. Also suitable for 2 phase VAT dyes printing.